Dr. Mike HarbisonEDWARDSVILLE - Chiropractor Dr. Mike Harbison of iCAN Clinic and staff offer many ways to assist patients and another unique one they offer is COVID-19 testing. The iCAN Clinic invested in high-tech equipment to perform COVID-19 tests and can run up to 10,000 tests a month if needed, Dr. Harbison said.

These are the reasons Dr. Harbison said iCAN Clinic embarked on COVID-19 testing:

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- "Our patients were having to miss work for long periods of time just waiting to get appointments."

- "Then they had to wait 3+ days to get their results."

- "Many of our patients had to miss work without pay due to waiting on testing."

- "We felt we could cater and service the community better and more efficiently than other facilities."

Dr. Harbison continued and said: "As the new coronavirus spreads across the globe, the chances that you will be exposed and get sick continue to increase. It also increases your chances of coming in to contact with someone who tests positive and then causes you to have to be quarantined and out of work until you get a negative test. This has added another financial hardship to people as they are missing more work many people without pay. This financial hardship can be reduced by having access to rapid accurate testing."

There are two types of COVID-19 testing out there, Dr. Harbison said.

"The PCR Test is one of the COVID-19 tests, which detects DNA particles of the virus," he said. "The one problem with the PCR test is that you will test positive even if the particles are from an old infection or contact. So it could be dead-virus DNA that causes you to test positive. There is also the Antigen test. The antigen test detects specific proteins on the surface of the coronavirus. They are sometimes referred to as rapid diagnostic tests because it can take less than an hour to get the test results. Positive antigen test results are highly specific, meaning that if you test positive you are very likely to be infected."

Dr. Harbison added: "There are many benefits to the rapid COVID-19 test, but the major one is as when done correctly you will only test positive if it is an active infection.”

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This is the website to register for tests. Once on the site, click on where it says Book An Appointment:


The doctor considers iCAN Clinic Edwardsville area's premier chiropractic center.

“Whether you're in need of chiropractic care, Primary Care Services, Hormone Replacement Therapy, or anything in between - we've got you covered,” he said. “Come on in and see what the iCAN Clinic can do for you and your family.

“Our mission at iCAN Clinic is to help our patients unlock the God-given potential that their body has. Everyone's body has been blessed with the ability to heal itself and it is our mission to unlock that potential. We strive to serve our patients and God in everything we do in our clinic.”

ICAN Clinic is located at 441 S. State Route 157, Suite 102, Edwardsville.

The clinic phone is (618) 254-2273. The business hours are 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and closed Friday through Sunday. COVID-19 testing available six days a week by appointment only.

See iCAN Clinic Facebook page at:


See iCAN web page at:


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