September 12, 2012 – The Alton Fire Department has unveiled a new program designed to better protect the residents of Alton.

The Department has undertaken the “Help Us Find You” Address Campaign.  According to the City Code, homes and businesses must have four inch address numbers displayed so that they are visible from the street and are of contrasting color to the house.  So far, the Fire Department has identified 315 homes that do not meet this requirement.  The Fire Department has surveyed about half of the City.

“Clearly visible address numbers are necessary so that firefighters, police officers and ambulances can quickly find someone's home in the event of an emergency,” said Alton Fire Chief Bernie Sebold.  “Locating a home quickly can save precious minutes when someone is in need of help.”

Owner-occupied homes that meet certain financial levels may be eligible for free numbers.  Interested resident should call the Fire Department at 463-3565.


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