WOODSTOCK – The results are in and Gary Rabine, candidate for Governor, was the clear winner of the Illinois State Fair Straw Poll.

The Illinois Republican Party tent conducted a straw poll during the State Fair. Fairgoers had the option of putting corn in the jar of their favorite candidate and Gary Rabine was the undisputed straw poll winner.

“The results, of course, are not scientific but a win is a win,” Rabine said. “We are building momentum every day and we will continue our march to a victory not only in the primary but also against JB Pritzker. We can’t keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. I am the outsider our state needs right now.”

About Gary Rabine:

Gary is an entrepreneur who has built more than 30 businesses right here in Illinois. Rabine Group businesses are able to serve customers in every Illinois county and in every state. Gary knows the importance of keeping jobs here at home, and he’s proud that almost all of his businesses have been started and grown in Illinois. Gary’s vision for Illinois is to be the best entrepreneurial environment of any state in the middle of the greatest country in the world.

To learn more log onto https://rabineforgovernor.com/.

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