ALTON - The Marquette Explorers took a big win over South Fork in a shutout match at home Friday night, 42-0.

The Explorers took a huge lead in the first half with three touchdowns from D’avion Peebles, going 28-0 at halftime.

“I’ve got three running backs who are as good as anybody,” Head Coach Darrell Angelton said. “I’ve got D’avion, I’ve got Treven (Swingler) and I’ve got Aaron Gregory.”

Coach Darrell Angleton said with a several interceptions and lots of pressure tons of credit goes to defense for holding South Fork at zero throughout the match.

“A lot of it goes back to my front four on defense, they’re really tough” he said. “Defense does what defense does, there’s no doubt these guys are good at it. And that last interception was a freshman, Zach Smith. I mean these guys work hard and a lot of times they’re forced to come up and scrimmage with us. These freshman, they’re no joke.””

Even with the shutout, Angleton said there are still a few things the Explorers will have to work on heading into the playoffs.

“We’ve got to tighten up our passing just a little bit,” Angleton said. “We had a couple of dropped balls, some good passes and a couple of passes that were just a little bit off. I think going into the playoffs we really have got to narrow that down. I think that we can continue to be a dual threat and spread the field out.”

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