The Village of Godfrey is experiencing an enormous amount of excitement with the addition of several new businesses and branding campaign being released next week.

Godfrey Mayor Mike McCormick said he is so excited people are showing interest in the Village of Godfrey. Some of the additions were discussed at Tuesday night’s Village of Godfrey Board meeting.

“It makes me happy that people are realizing the Village of Godfrey has a lot to offer,” he said. “These businesses will be very beneficial to the Village of Godfrey and Godfrey will be beneficial to the businesses.”

The list of business additions is fairly long. These include an official announcement of Ruler Grocery Store and RP Lumber in Monticello Plaza.  The new RP Lumber location will be a closeout store, McCormick said.

Godfrey Building and Zoning Administrator Laura Dixon talked of the business developments at the board meeting Tuesday night.

Ruler Grocery will occupy the old Park ‘N Shop, presently vacant. The speculation is the store will open by summer, so significant work will be occurring in the near future. The new Ruler Grocery Store is affiliated with Kroger.

Hatch and Kirk is another new addition in Godfrey and will locate on the old Godfrey Hardwood Property on Humbert Road near the Richland Woods Subdivision.

Hatch and Kirk plans to hire 12 people from the start, McCormick said.

“No one makes boat engines anymore; they seem to refurbish them and that seems to be what has taken over the industry. Hatch and Kirk has a good reputation not only with boats on the rivers, but various railroads.”

Hatch and Kirk has business interests in Houston, McCormick said.

The Vapor Place is also making a move to Monticello Plaza.

Work on the new gas station at Walmart should be highly visible in coming days.

McCormick said, “Godfrey is primed for development. I think we are in a great location on I-255 between at one end of I-255 and at other end is Columbia, Illinois. Columbia has seen quite a bit of growth. Hopefully, Godfrey will be realizing more of that in the future.”

McCormick pointed out that the area near Walmart and I-255 has an abundance of open space primed for development with easy interstate access.

Dixon said Domino’s also has submitted plans to remodel its location, also positive news.

“This is very encouraging news,” Dixon said. “Hopefully as the weather breaks we will get even more.”

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