EAST ALTON - East Alton Fire Department joins several other departments in the area with an emphasis on firefighter training. On Thursday night, the department conducted a training event the focus was the use of fire extinguishers on diesel fuel fires.

Participating in the training were Fire Chief Tim Quigley, Capt. Jed Downs, Capt. Travis Burdick, Lt. Eric Ruden, Eng. Drew Mortland, Eng. Jeremy Diveley, Eng. Craig Kinder, firefighter Nathan Friederich, other members were firefighters: Will Oeter, Brad Foiles, Joel Groom, Dave Barrett, and Randy Lewis.

“We do training the first Thursday of every month,” Chief Quigley said. “On the third Thursday of every month, we do training with our career personnel with Wood River Fire Department. The training is very important because it helps us to be ready to go for whatever situation. All the training keeps us as sharp and diligent as possible.”

Chief Quigley said the fire extinguishers training is important because the firefighters need to have mind memory to know exactly what to do when those types of situations occur.

The chief said the department marks its 100th anniversary on May 28. He said next year, an open house will be held, but because of COVID-19, that can’t happen this year. Riverbender.com is at work on a story about the 100-year anniversary and that will be published next week.

The Drive-Thru Annual Pulled Pork Dinner for the East Alton Fire Department is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. Saturday, May 29. The pulled pork event will go until it is sold out, the chief said. He added that the pulled pork is “delicious” and emphasized the event is the biggest fund-raiser each year for the fire department.

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