"Bothered by Way Too Much Caffeine? 
Splash has an Antidote!"

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Hey, if, you've been loading up, knowingly, on the caffeine? Getting Wired? Here's a simple fix, just for you!

What you need, probably, is foods with Magnesium, to detoxify your system!

Foods rich with Magnesium:

  • Dark Green Vegetables, like Spinach & Broccoli
  • Beans, all kinds of Beans
  • Nuts & Seeds

Splash Medical Recommendation:
Do your own research, to be sure what's best for your body. And, be aware of food allergy's!

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Professional Recommendations:
"200 to 300 mg. per day."
"300 mg. of Magnesium is considered a "rich Magnesium diet."

Medical Note:
As always, consult with your personal medical team, for appropriate & proper portions individual intake of Magnesium, for safety!

Hey! Remember this simple Antidote for overindulging on way too much Caffeine, the next time!

Beat the Caffeine Jitters with Magnesium!"

Seize the Day!

Holly Fairfield

Dr. Oz Show; Cedar Sinai Medical Center
National Institute of Health

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