Jim and Bert Trump

EDWARDSVILLE - If anyone could ever serve as a model of motherhood for others, it would be former Greenfield coach/teacher Bert Trump, now an Edwardsville resident. Bert was a mother to not only her own children, but a mother figure to about every other Greenfield student-athlete in her more than three decades as a teacher/coach.

Bert is the mother of Carmilla Eberlin, the Edwardsville head girls track and field coach. Eberlin said her mother and father, Jim, both, are definitely the reasons she became a teacher/coach. Bert has five children (four living and one deceased - 8 weeks after birth), 11 grandchildren, one great grandchild and two more great grandchildren on the way. Jim and Bert Trump were married in 1973 and taught school and coached together at Greenfield.

“She had a hand in starting almost every female sport at Greenfield High School,” Eberlin said. “The year she retired, she was coaching volleyball and track. Over the years she coached volleyball, track, softball, bowling, cheerleading and probably more that I do not remember. She was one of the founders of the Sports Boosters for Greenfield High School - Tiger Backers. Even while living in Edwardsville, she remained active with the Tiger Backers until just recently.”

Bert also had impact on youth in Greenfield as a swim instructor. Eberlin and her sister joined their mom in the summer enterprise that began at a lake, but progressed to a pool outside Greenfield. Bert and her daughters were American Red Cross-certified swim instructors. If one thinks for a moment, imagine how many youth and their children who grew up in Greenfield can now swim thanks to this devoted woman.

Greenfield and now Greenfield-Northwestern have always had strong sports teams and again, without Bert’s influence wouldn’t have developed all the girls sports. She taught the athletes she coached not only about the sport they were playing, but provided constant life lessons, her daughter said.

Eberlin said her mom taught/coached at Greenfield High School for a total of 34 years.

“Two schools have named tournaments/meets after her," Eberlin said. "Jerseyville renamed the traveling eighth-grade volleyball tournament after her and then Southwestern named the annual relay meet after her. She has worked the state track me for the IESA for over 40 years. She is the person who leads them on the track and gives them all the directions before they run.”

Eberlin said she was “extremely proud” of her mother for everything she did at Greenfield and now her impact with her children, grandchildren and now a great-grandchild.

“She dedicated a lot of time to the programs and kids at Greenfield,” Eberlin said. "If anyone deserved to be recognized on Mother’s Day, it is my mom."

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