ROXANA - area athletes showed good performances on the day at the Roxana Relays track meet, held Monday at Charlie Raich Field at Roxana High School

The Shells won the boys meet with 88 points, with Highland second at 68 points, in third place was Jersey with 63 points, Civic Memorial was fourth with 58 points, East Alton-Wood River came in fifth with 34 points and Marquette Catholic was sixth with 19 points.

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The Bulldogs won the girls' meet with 86 points, with the Panthers in second at 59 points, the Eagles came in third with 56 points, both the Oilers and Explorers tied for fourth with 37 points each, Mascoutah came in sixth with 36 points and the Shells were seventh at 25 points.

In the boys' results, the 100 meters was won by Roxana's Owen Wieneke, with a time of 11.68 seconds, with Casey Borkowski of Jersey second at 11.77 seconds, third place going to Jaden Rochester of Marquette at 12.01 seconds, in fourth place was Andrew Fonrodora of CM at 12.11 seconds and in fifth place was Jacob Mitchell of Roxana at 12.15 seconds, with Jack Nimmo of Highland coming in at 12.16 seconds.

The only other open race of the day, the 3,200 meters, went to Aiden Loeffelman of the Oilers, who had a time of 10:43.62, with Logan Wade of the Panthers second at 10:52.77, third place going to Christian Knobloch of the Bulldogs at 10:56.04, in fourth place was Joshua Cranford of the Eagles at 11:03.05 and Anthony Hardin of the Shells came in fifth at 11:22.92.

East Alton-Wood River High head boys and girls coach Russ Colona said once again Loeffelman shined for his squad.

"Our leaders Loeffelman and Jessica Brown and Gina Truax really had good nights. Millia LeGette continues to get better breaking 100 in the discus. It is always fun to do the relays. The kids enjoy them."

In the open relay races, Roxana won the 4x100 meters at 44.23 seconds, with Jersey second at 45.11 seconds, third place went to Highland at 47.13 seconds, in fourth place was CM at 47.30 seconds and EAWR was fifth at 50.37 seconds. The 4x200 meters was won by the Panthers at 1:34.32, with the Bulldogs second at 1:39.55, third place went to the Explorers at 1:40.36, in fourth place were the Oilers at 1:40.79 and the Eagles came in fifth at 1:41.06. The 4x400 meter race was won by Highland at 3:36.24, with Marquette second at 3:45.12, in third place was Roxana at 3:45.75 and CM finished fourth at 3:46.06.

In the specialty relays, the 1,600-meter sprint medley relay was won by CM at 3:48.11, with EAWR second at 3:49.56, in third place was Jersey at 4:06.33, fourth place went to Roxana at 4:07.50 and Highland was fifth at 4:12.25. In the 4,000-meter distance medley relay, the winners were the Eagles at 11:13.39, the Bulldogs second at 11:56.67, third place went to the Oilers at 12:06.37, in fourth place were the Shells at 12:13.99 and the Panthers came in fifth at 13:28.56.

In the hurdles races, the 110 meters went to Adam Kribs of Jersey at 18.03 seconds, with Keylon Caruthers of Roxana second at 18.06 seconds, teammate Ty Schmidt was third at 20.24 seconds and in fourth place was Jersey's Garen Schleeper at 22.95 seconds. In the 400-meter shuttle race, Roxana won at 1:01.06, with Highland second at 1:06.37, Jersey came in third at 1:08.26 and CM was fourth at 1:11.84.

In the field events, the high jump was won by Highland's John Story, who tied for first with Roxana's Jake Newton, both clearing 1.77 meters, with Story winning the event on the fewest misses rule. Carson Ryan of Roxana and Ethan Smith of Highland tied for third at 1.67 meters, Ryan taking third place points on the fewest misses tiebreak, CM's Tulio Zampieri cleared 1.57 meters to take fifth place and Jersey's Dylan Burch was sixth at 1.52 meters. Roxana's Paxton Osmoe won the long jump with a distance of 6.33 meters, with Landon Jones of Jersey second at 6.15 meters, Nimmo came in third at 5.82 meters, in fourth place was Ryan Burch of EAWR at 5.68 meters and fifth place went to Roxana's Nick Newton at 5.53 meters. Braden Nash of Marquette had a jump of 5.31 meters

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The triple jump was won by Levi Meadows of the Shells with a leap of 11.75 meters, with Ethan Hollenkamp of the Bulldogs second at 10.95 meters, Kribs came in third with a jump of 10.62 meters and Hunter Walters of the Eagles placed fourth at 9.81 meters. Ashton Noble of Roxana won the shot put with a throw of 14.84 meters, with Sean Steinacher of Jersey second at 12.33 meters, third place went to Justin Franklin of EAWR at 11.91 meters, in fourth place was Gabe Smith of Roxana, who had a throw of 11.34 meters and Josh Hodge of CM was fifth, coming in at 11.12 meters. Jack Beaber had Marquette's best throw with a distance of 10.73 meters.

In the discus throw, Hodge won the event with a toss of 40.17 meters, with Noble second at 38.84 meters, Jamair Nunn of EAWR was third at 35.21 meters, in fourth place was Beaber at 35.02 meters and Alec Laughlin of Roxana came in fifth at 32.76 meters. Steinacher had the best throw for Jersey at 32.61 meters, while Liam Kobbeman had the best toss for Highland at 27.59 meters.

In the girls' results, the winner of the 100 meters was Marquette's Sammy Hentrich, who had a time of 13.34 seconds, with Lily Daugherty of Roxana second at 13.60 seconds, third place went to Lauren Vaughn of CM at 13.71 seconds, Cheyenne Choat of Highland came in fourth at 13.80 seconds and in fifth place was Annabelle Yamnitz of Jersey at 13.88 seconds. Jaden Downs had the best time for EAWR at 15.02 seconds.

In the 3,200 meters, the Shells' Riley Doyle was the winner with a time of 12:34.49, with Brynn Behrmann of the Indians second at 12:57.04, in third place was Shelby Quick of the Eagles at 13:13.09, fourth place went to Mascoutah's Ava Kimmel at 13:28.95 and Ava McPherson of Highland was fifth at 13:58.50. Paige Rister of the Explorers had a time of 14:19.09.

In the hurdles races, Gina Truax of EAWR won the 100 meters with a time of 16.89 seconds, with Corree Yates of Jersey second at 19.30 seconds, in third place was Elena Vaquerano of Mascoutah at 19.53 seconds, fourth place went to Kaylee Shields of CM at 19.57 seconds and Alexis Gurley of Highland was fifth at 20.03 seconds. Riley Lohman had Roxana's best time of 20.06 seconds, while Finnley Stephenson had the best time for Marquette at 22.38 seconds. Jersey won the 400-meter shuttle race with a time of 1:14.07, with CM second at 1:15.79 and Mascoutah came in third at 1:17.19.

In the open relay races, the Bulldogs won the 4x100 meters at 54.32 seconds, with EAWR second at 55.11 seconds, third place went to CM at 55.52 seconds, Jersey was fourth at 57.07 seconds and Roxana came in fifth at 57.08 seconds. Mascoutah was fifth at 1:00.00, while Marquette came in sixth at 1:00.10. Highland also won the 4x200 meters with a time of 1:53.88, with Roxana second at 2:00.64, Roxana was third at 2:03.69, CM came in fourth at 2:04.01, in fifth place was Jersey at 2:05.85 and Marquette was sixth at 2:06.13. Mascoutah came in seventh with a time of 2:07.82. The Explorers won the 4x400 meter race with a time of 4:07.61, with the Bulldogs coming in second at 4:41.73, the Panthers came in third at 4:49.85, in fourth place were the Indians at 4:51.29 and the Eagles were fifth at 5:11.17.

In the specialty relay races, the 800 sprint medley relay was won by Highland at 1:55.74, with EAWR second at 2:01.77, CM third at 2:02.70, Jersey came in fourth at 2:06.15, Marquette came in fifth at 2:09.10, Mascoutah was sixth at 2:10.05 and Roxana was seventh at 2:12.18. The Eagles won the 4,000-meter distance medley relay with a time of 13:54.01, with the Bulldogs second at 14:43.46, the Shells were third at 15:25.18, coming in fourth were the Panthers at 16:36.58 and the Indians finished fifth at 17:06.63,

In the field events, Lauren Maas of Highland won the high jump, going over at 1.57 meters, with Jersey's Lexi Trexler second at 1.42 meters, Jersey's Morgan Allen and Mascoutah's Grace Mak tied for third at 1.37 meters, with Allen taking the third place points on the fewest misses rule and Isabelle Uptergrove of the Indians was fifth, clearing 1.32 meters. In the long jump, Hentrich was the winner with a distance of 4.96 meters, with Yamnitz right behind in second at 4.95 meters, Allen came in third at 4.66 meters, fourth place went to Belle Brousseau of CM at 4.62 and Paige Bushee of Mascoutah was fifth at 4.48 meters. Emma Henschen had the best jump for Highland at 4.26 meters.

Hentrich became a triple winner on the day with a first-place finish in the triple jump at 9.65 meters, with Choat coming in second at 9.59 meters, third place went to Kimmel, who had a leap of 9.36, Shields was right behind in fourth at 9.35 meters and Mak was fifth at 9.23 meters. Bella Peterbaugh had the best result for Jersey with a jump of 8.48 meters. In the shot put, Larissa Taylor of Highland won with a throw of 9.51 meters, while Amelia Strebel of Jersey was second at 9.20 meters, third place went to Kylee Bowers of the Bulldogs at 8.78 meters, EAWR's Milla LeGette was fourth at 8.75 meters and teammate Kennadi Suttles was fifth at 8.05 meters. Abbrey DeWerff had Roxana's best throw at 7.54 meters, Olivia Goodman had the best toss for CM at 7.20 meters and Alecia McCulley had Marquette's best throw at 6.56 meters.

Marquette Catholic head track coach Tim Turnbeaugh commended Hentrich on another stellar performance for his squad with her three first places and said her marks were the highlight of the day for the Explorers.

"Both our girls and boys did well in the meet," the coach said. "The boys entered four events and medaled in three. Ava Certa ran a 1:04 split in her 400. Jason Fears and Jaden Rochester both ran sub-52 400s. I am well pleased with our performance."

Taylor also won the discus throw with a distance of 30.97 meters, with LeGette second at 30.91, Abigail Irvin of Mascoutah came in third at 27.62 meters, in fourth place was Strebel at 27.35 meters and fifth place went to Bowers at 26.11 meters. Goodman had the best result for the Eagles at 24.37 meters, DeWerff had the best throw for the Shells at 22.17 meters and McCulley had the Explorers' best throw at 19.02 meters.Dan Brannan also contributed to this story.

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