British playwright, Ray Clooney, is one of the most accomplished and prolific writers of his time. His new comedy, OUT OF ORDER, concocts the most outlandish and outrageously funny story about two political rivals trying to have affair but thwarted at every turn by bumbling Private
Investigators, Hotel management, wives, husbands, secretaries and the press. Alton Little Theater has produced seven prior works of Mr. Clooney and Director of this production, Mark Hilgert, felt that the timing was "just right" to open the new Season at the Theater with a witty, face-paced show full of laughs. Mr. Hilgert fell in love with the playwright's work when he appeared in "MOVE OVER MRS. MARKHAM" over a decade ago and again witnessed the positive response from audiences when he acted in HERE COMES THE BRIDE in 2008. Hilgert says, "Audiences are amused by the naughty antics of others - particularly by politicians- and this script is a virtual soap opera played for laughs with amnesia victims, mistaken identities, hiding bodies in the closet, and everyone showing up in a posh hotel room while the scandalous politicians are trying to find their clothes!" Jean Heil and Randy Hoven take on the roles of wanna-be lovers and are aided and abetted by fellow actors Mike Craue, Don Harlan, Warren Frank, Ian Thomas Hardin, Pat Kulish, Steven Harders, Claudia Herndon and Gail Drillinger. Director Hilgert credits his veteran cast for creating "two hours of pure fun" for theatergoers.

The play will run for nine performances between September 17th and September 26th, with evening performances at 7:30 pm and two Sunday matinees at 2pm. Tickets are $14 for adults and $6 for students ( with ID) Reservations may be made at 462-6562. Season Tickets will be sold during the run of OUT OF ORDER. The Season's promotion is " 7 Tickets for $70" and the package includes 3 plays, 2 Musicals, a bonus show in February, and a Complimentary Ticket for guests.


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