The PDS Design Team and the City of Alton have received an award from Saint Louis CNR.  The Construction News and Real Estate May-June Magazine includes the results of their 2010 Regional Excellence Awards Program, which recognized the Alton Riverfront and Marina District Amphitheater as an award winning “Public Space”. 

As stated in the design award submittal: “The Amphitheater and Fountain Plaza will become  a regional destination venue for concerts, while serving the day to day recreation and gathering pursuits of the Alton community.  People will bike, walk, drive and be delivered to this community gathering space.  On event days, thousands of visitors will park in the downtown area, visit restaurants, bars, and shops, before and after the main event.  All this has started to positively improve the cultural and economic vitality of downtown Alton.”

Congratulations to the City, the contractors, and our Design Consultants for their efforts in making the Alton Amphitheater a memorable outdoor space.

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