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  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Advanced (Gi) Monday, Wednesday 7 PM
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Fundamentals (No-Gi) Tuesday, Thursday 8 PM
  • MMA/Kickboxing Tuesday, Thursday 7 PM
  • Kids Jiu-Jitsu Monday, Wednesday 6 PM


Offered by Strategic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu



Hello and welcome! We are a Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu Academy serving the greater Alton, Illinois area. We are affiliated with Watson Martial Arts in St. Louis and our competition affiliation is with TacTeam BJJ. Our school is also a member of the BJJ Globetrotters organization.


Our school's original lineage was:   Helio Gracie (Founder) > Royler Gracie (Gracie Humaitá) > Wilmington "Megaton" Diaz (Gracie Humaitá) > Jack McVicker (McVicker Martial Arts) > Kyle Watson (Watson Martial Arts) > Keith Steinacher (Strategic BJJ) 

Our current lineage and the source of our affiliate team structure is as follows: Helio Gracie (Founder) > Rickson Gracie (GJJ) > Jorge Pereira (J. Pereira Jiu-Jitsu) > Leo Dalla (Leo Dalla Jiu-Jitsu) > Jared Weiner (Tac Team BJJ) > Kyle Watson (Watson Martial Arts) > Keith Steinacher (Strategic BJJ)

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Program

You will see the influences of Folk-style wrestling, Sambo, Judo, and other grappling arts in our BJJ classes and seminars. This variety comes from our instructors' varied training experience and their travels to train domestically and internationally. Our instructors have trained with so many wonderful instructors/practitioners from around the world, allowing us to develop a breadth of knowledge and great friendships along the way.

Kickboxing/MMA Program

You will see the influences of our instructor's diverse martial arts background. Jon Rosener has a Black belt in TKD from Sonny Hatten, as well as years of experience working with MMA greats like Kyle Watson and well known Muay Thai instructors Jason Ciluffo, Micah Bagby, and Elmir Kulsoman. Jon is an experienced fighter and knows what it takes to make you a technical striker and get in fighting shape!


It is our continuing privilege to bring the martial arts we love to the people of the Riverbend area, including Alton, Godfrey, Bethalto, Wood River, East Alton, and beyond. Whether you want to learn some self-defense, competitive grappling, build confidence, get in better shape, or just to de-stress at the end of your day, you will love our classes. We hope to welcome you soon to the Strategic BJJ Team! Let’s make the next part of our story a great one!

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