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These are photos from the Jersey Community High School graduation ceremony on Saturday, Aug. 1....[Read More]
Photos were submitted via Facebook Storm Photo Contest post created on 07/15/2020....[Read More]
Damage from across the area after a storm went through on July 15 2020...[Read More]
This is a photo package from the Edwardsville Fireworks display on July 3 at Edwardsville High School....[Read More]
ALTON - Multiple fire departments, led by the Alton Fire Department, battled an intense blaze and smoke at St. Paul Episcopal Church at 10 E. Third St. in Alton on Tuesday morning....[Read More]
Multiple area fire departments, led by the Edwardsville Fire Department, responded to a Box Alarm call around 10:30 a.m. on Monday at 3424 Glen Oak Drive in Edwardsville....[Read More]
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