The Libertarian Party is not the only alternative to the two major parties in the Nov. 4 election in Illinois.  The established parties succeeded in throwing the Green Party off the ballot, though that party did gain write-in status in most of the state.  The group, which gained major-party status in 2006 but lost it in 2010, says it deserves to be taken seriously.


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“Our position on health care is very, very much in alignment with physicians for national health programs, a national group of 20,000 physicians who see a solution set,” says Sheldon Schafer, vice chairman of the Green Party in Illinois.  “We look into the economic sector, and one of the models we've picked is North Dakota, which has a very, very good state model for state banks.”


Schafer is the candidate for secretary of state. Scott Summers is the candidate for governor.  Twenty-seven election authorities, accounting for 85 percent of the state’s registered voters, have approved the Green Party for write-in status.  Votes for Schafer or Summers in the rest of the state will be thrown away.


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