Wood River officials have come up with more stringent rules to deal with what it calls habitual offenders of its mowing policy.  There are offenders that refuse to mow their own lawn and instead have the city do it for them, according to Mayor Fred Ufert, who says it is time to up the ante for such behavior.

Ufert says the old penalty of $25 per instance has been doubled to $50 for the first time, and will result in fines and court appearances if it continues to be a problem.

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A second offense would be a $75 fine and a trip to court, a third time would cost you $150, and so on.  Ufert says he realizes there are instances where the property owner may be trying to get their yard mowed, but is having problems getting it done, and is willing to work with them in a situation like that.  He restated this change in policy is meant to target the scofflaws.

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