A federal jury has ruled the Madison County Regional Office of Education wrongfully retaliated against a Granite City woman after she filed a lawsuit alleging wage discrimination.  Mary Parker claimed she was performing the same job as a male counterpart, but was being paid less.  She filed suit under both the Equal Pay Act and the Civil Rights Act, but did not win her case for those reasons.

The jury last week, in fact, ruled against those claims but did find that the Regional Office of Education called a male counterpart back to work, but did not recall her because she had filed the suit against the office.  In the original suit, Parker claimed she had worked at the office since 2001 and was earning just over $30,000 as a youth advocate while a male counterpart performing the same job was paid just over $43,000.  She says he even left his job, only to return to the office in a different position at the same pay level as when he left.   While the jury did not find enough evidence to show she was being discriminated against in pay, the jury awarded Parker $100,000 in compensatory damages after she was not recalled after being laid off.

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