A Wood River woman is facing charges after Madison County prosecutors say she falsely accused police of assaulting her. 23 year old Jennifer Peterson of the 100 block of Prospect is charged with felony disorderly conduct after she allegedly claimed police roughed her up while she was in custody on January 1.

Authorities say Peterson was originally arrested for being an intoxicated pedestrian in the roadway, and while she was in custody at the Wood River Police Department, she allegedly tried to conceal evidence by swallowing it and took a swing at an officer and was subsequently restrained. Police say the substance she swallowed was cannabis. Two days later, she returned to the police department with her mother to file a complaint that she was assaulted by the officers. Wood River Police notified her that her arrest was under video surveillance and the evidence was turned over to the Madison County State's Attorney's Office and she was then charged with making the false claim against the officers.