The Illinois Department of Transportation is requesting $47 million to cover additional expenses from the harsh winter—and state lawmakers are likely to give it to them.  IDOT asked the House Public Safety Appropriations Committee for those extra funds. State Rep. John Cavaletto (R-Salem), the committee’s minority spokesman, says he understands why the money is needed, but hopes that the state can be more prepared in the future.
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“I think a smart guy would lay back money for hard times,” Cavaletto said. “I think families do that for emergencies, and we’re gonna have to start doing that, too, because now to go out and appropriate more money? I don’t think that’s possible.”  IDOT may ask for more money in next year’s budget so it can restock its depleted supply of salt for next winter.  The $47 million includes $18 million for overtime costs, $16 million for temporary snow removal workers, $8 million to cover the cost of buying additional salt, and $5 million in additional fuel costs.
The committee did not take any action on the request.
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