A Bethalto couple is telling anyone who will listen to learn C-P-R. Steve and Nancy Bivens found out first hand last month what quick action can do in a medical emergency when Steve's heart stopped one morning while sitting in front of his computer, and Nancy began pumping his chest while calling 9-1-1. Thanks to her quick thinking, and fast responding paramedics, Steve survived the emergency and believes it was for a reason.

The story is personal for Z-1570, as Nancy is the sales manager here at The Big Z, and Steve fills in on-air from time to time. Steve says having lived to tell the story, they want to encourage people to step up and act when there is an emergency and take time now...if you can...to be trained in what to do:

Bivens comment

Because of other local calls on December 2, an ambulance was called in from Edwardsville keeping paramedics busy for 27 minutes until Steve started breathing again on his own and his heart restarted. Bethalto Fire Chief Rich Mersinger salutes the first responders who arrived on the scene and worked quickly:

Mersinger comment

Steve's heart was shocked 9 times before he finally arrived at Alton Memorial Hospital and then was later transported to Christian Northeast for further treatment. He says he had an otherwise healthy heart, but doctors found it was an electrical problem and he now has a small device implanted in his chest to assist him if such an event happens again. C-P-R and First Aid classes are offered on a regular basis at area hospitals and through the American Red Cross.

You can hear the full interview with Steve and Nancy by clicking the "Listen" tab at the top of the page and then clicking the link to the Let's Talk Program from last week.