Tracie TrexlerA husband and wife that were reported missing out of Jersey County have been found.  39-year-old Tracie Trexler and 36-year-old Jonathan Trexler, were found earlier today (Thursday) in a trailer in Calhoun County. 

Jersey County Sheriff Mark Kallal tells The Big Z Tracie Trexler was taken from the scene to be treated for any injuries she may have sustained, while Jonathan Trexler has been taken into custody.

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Jonathan TrexlerKallal says after talking to the couple's neighbors, it was determined they might be found on property in Calhoun County belonging to a friend of Jonathan Trexler.  Jonathan Trexler decided to have a standoff with officers, according to Kallal, but he was finally taken into custody.  As for rumors on social media that a third person was involved, Kallal says he is unaware of anyone else being involved in the situation other that Mr. and Mrs. Trexler.


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