The Madison County Health Department reports it has detected West Nile Virus in Edwardsville.   County officials notified the city this week as part of ongoing monitoring of the illness that can be transmitted to humans by mosquitoes.  The city plans to increase spraying of insecticide and encourages residents to eliminate areas of standing water or other containers that can harbor mosquitoes.

The Illinois Department of Public Health says mosquitoes can carry the West Nile Virus and spread it not only to humans, but also to some birds and other animals.  If you find a dead bird on your property, especially a crow, robin or blue jay, contact the Madison County Health Department.  Otherwise, you can clear areas of standing water or containers that collect water to cut down on mosquito breeding areas.  Most people who are infected with West Nile show no symptoms, but young children, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems are more susceptible to the illness.  


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