It’s severe weather season in Illinois, and Wednesday reminded us of that.  When the first line of storms rolled in around 4pm, many of us were notified through the Code Red warning system.  Others turned to the radio or television.   The warnings are passed along after the National Weather Service makes the call to issue one, and that process is often helped out through the input of local storm-spotters.

John Nell, Skywarn Facilitator at Lewis & Clark Community College, says many stormspotters were involved on Wednesday.

Nell comments

He says you should pick a spot in your house ahead of time, where you would go if there is a severe thunderstorm or tornado warning.  Ideally, that would be in your basement.  If you don’t have a basement, a closet or bathroom is your next best bet, away from any windows.  If you are in a mobile home, you should seek shelter under a heavy piece of furniture if you are unable to safely seek shelter elsewhere.

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