A new facility at the University of Illinois will expand training for those who make homes weather-proof. The new Indoor Climate Research and Training Center brings building weatherization instruction under one roof. Program coordinator Paul W. Francisco says that means more hands-on work.
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“People work with things hands-on, visualize things that are gonna be like what they see in homes, and I think that it’ll be a much more effective way to train people who often haven’t even been in a classroom for 30 years, but even if they have, when you get to do it, instead of just hear about it, it’s gonna be so much more effective in training,” he said.
The 6,700-square foot facility was funded in part by the state capital program.  The building is the only one in Illinois that includes space for both classrooms and hands-on training opportunities for the home performance industry. The building is expected to serve thousands of trainees.  The ICRT program does research and training on comprehensive performance in residential buildings such as energy efficiency, air leakage, and lead safety.
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