The water is flowing again, at least for a few days, at the Oriental Garden at Gordon Moore Park in Alton.  A new pump was turned on yesterday at the pond that feeds into the small lake at the park, as part of a restoration of the garden.  A special committee was formed in 2013 to improve the section of the park.

City officials, employees and Oriental Garden Committee members were on hand yesterday when the new pump was turned on, allowing water to flow again.  The pump will be in operation for this week before it is removed again for the winter.   Future upgrades planned for the garden, which dates back to 1989, include a new gazebo, new plantings, repairs to the bridge and purchasing fish for the pond.  Dr. Sadiq Mohyuddin and his wife Talat donated $10,000 to establish the committee in 2013.   Their hope is to continue to raise money and support restoration efforts at the garden for the future.  Mayor Brant Walker says that's the first time in 20 years all 13 water features in the city have been operational at the same time.


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