While rainfall has been plentiful this year, and local rivers have just recently returned to their banks, the Illinois American Water Company is still asking customers to conserve this summer.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's most recent drought outlook shows drought is still likely in many parts of the country this summer.  Therefore, a company spokesman says it is more important than ever to be mindful of water use.

Karen Cooper, Field Operations Manager for the company's Alton District, says this is about more than having drinking water handy.

Cooper comments

Among the tips for keeping your water use in check are watering your lawn only when it needs it.  An easy way to tell if your lawn needs water is to simply walk across the grass.  If you leave footprints, it’s time to water.  Make the most of your watering by watering in the early morning. As much as 30 percent of water can be lost to evaporation by watering during midday.  And inside, run dishwashers and clothes washers only when they are full. If you have a water-saver cycle, use it.

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