Your garage, your basement, or the landfill are no place for unused paint. A program in a growing number of states could soon include Illinois.  Paint Care is the name of a non-profit organization which runs paint recycling programs. One of its leaders, Alison Keane of the American Coatings Association, is urging Illinois lawmakers to get involved.

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“The biggest recycling is paint into new paint,” she explains. “We also have paint into non-structural concrete … (or) a landscaping stone and some asphalt.”  Manufacturers selling paint in the state would have to pay a surcharge of 75 cents per one-gallon can – and 35 cents for a quart container or $1.60 for a five-gallon container – to Paint Care. At least one lawmaker is leery of mandating a surcharge for a program someone else is administering.
H.B. 2274
S.B. 1705
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