The head of the Illinois Department of Transportation is waiting for more information about a Better Government Association investigation alleging a decade’s worth of politically-motivated hiring in the agency.   “I think the BGA went through a process of interviewing people that had previously left the department and also (requested) some materials that we have internally,” IDOT secretary Ann Schneider said.
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“At this point, we have not received anything from anybody stating specific allegations … (if and when we get them,) we would take a very serious look at what those are.”  Schneider adds IDOT employs more than 5,500 people. “I think you’re looking at … a small percentage of our overall workforce, and there is the ability for all agencies to have double-exempt (political) hires, and those employees provide a valuable service to the agency, so we’re just going to wait to see what comes out of this.”
The BGA report also says the state’s executive inspector general is on the case. Gov. Pat Quinn says, “I think it’s important that we have a strong process where anytime there is a question, that you have an inspector general that looks into it.”
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