The Citizens Utility Board wants to make sure that voters know the details about municipal aggregation.   Jim Chilsen, CUB spokesman, says 82 communities across Illinois are facing municipal aggregation referendums on their ballots.  Many of them are located in the Riverbend and surrounding area.  But Chilsen says many people don’t know what that is.
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He cites a recent poll that indicates about seven out of 10 Chicago voters know little or nothing about the referendum. Chilsen says it’s like that across the state.  “I think there’s just a lot of confusion generally across the state of Illinois about electric competition,” Chilsen said. “It [has] become a lot more complicated to be an eclectic consumer these days.”  Municipal aggregation is where a community chooses to shop around for electricity, with the goal of ultimately saving residents money. Individuals can do that, but the idea s that an entire city would get an even cheaper rate.
The delivery of the electricity remains the same, handled by ComEd or Ameren, at the state-regulated rate for delivery.  Chilsen says CUB has a neutral stance on the referendums but says many consumers are saving money because of increased competition among electricity generators.
Here’s what CUB says you should know:
  • Average consumers are seeing savings, but savings aren’t guaranteed.
  • Even if your city votes for the referendum, you have two opportunities to opt out of the program.
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