Before the flooding, the unseasonably warm start to winter has been a recent weather oddity in the Midwest. The November and December mildness fooled some plants and grasses into growth, even with the dandelion here or there.

One of the state's leading experts says if your plants are healthy, it should not be a problem, even as the real winter weather sets in.

“I think what we actually really worry about is if we have a very rapid temperature decrease,” said Suzanne Bissonnette, director of the University of Illinois Plant Clinic. “In that case, you can have cracking of limbs, frost cracks, if the temperature does not go down gradually.

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“We have had calls, mainly from the southern part of the state,” Bissonnette continued, “people concerned about their shrubbery – that still has not lost its leaves.”

Bissonnette says the most prevalent problem people bring to her would be plants that were not properly planted to begin with.
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