Alton will be looking for a new police chief, as David Hayes will be leaving the department at the end of the year, retiring after 30 years on the job.  Captain Scott Waldrup has been appointed to the job on an interim basis, following last night's City Council meeting when Mayor Tom Hoechst made the announcement.  The appointment will take effect on January 1.

The Mayor says he wants to make the best decision for the future of the department:

Hoechst comments

When it comes time to choose a permanent replacement, residency will be a must, according to Hoechst.  He says none of the city's lieutenants currently live within city limits.  The city also took measures to get the captain's base salary back in line with the other ranks in the department.  Over the past decade, the lieutenants salary had surpassed that of captain, but with the approval of the council last night, the position will pay $77,000.  That compares to just over $73,000 for lieutenants and $84,000 for chief.  For now, the captain's rank will remain vacant.

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