Captain Scott WaldrupAlton Police Captain Scott Waldrup will serve a 30-day suspension, but will keep his job.  The Alton Civil Service Commission decided the city failed to meet its burden of proof with regard to discharge of Waldrup, in connection with charges that were filed in December of last year.



Waldrup was placed on paid leave in December as part of an investigation into missing or destroyed evidence within the department.  Another officer has already been dismissed and is facing charges in connection with the evidence case.  Chief Simmons changed the status to suspended without pay on February 19, but Waldrup and his attorney objected, leading to his pay being reinstated in April.  

Mayor Brant Walker issued the following statement regarding the Alton Civil Service Commission’s decision in the disciplinary case of Alton Police Department Captain Scott Waldrup:


As I have stated previously, I made the decision to allow this disciplinary case to proceed because employees should be held accountable for their actions and I believe the preponderance of evidence in this case justified moving forward.


While the Civil Service Commission decided that the City failed to meet its burden of proof with regard to discharge of the employee in question, the weight of the evidence and the seriousness of this incident required some form of discipline to be administered. The Civil Service Commission rightly chose to hold the employee in question accountable for his actions by imposing a 30-day suspension, the maximum discipline other than discharge allowed under state statute.


The Civil Service Commission’s decision today demonstrates that the City of Alton will hold its employees accountable for their actions.


I thank the Civil Service Commission for its service during this difficult disciplinary case. The disciplinary process is now complete and it is time to move forward in the best interest of our Police Department and City.



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