The public budget meeting between the governor and legislative leaders is less than a week away, but the agenda, location, and level of media access have yet to be announced.
The same civic advocacy groups who first called for the meeting have sent a letter asking for clarification on those items.
Illinois Campaign for Political Reform board chair Susan Garrett says she and other groups hope Gov. Bruce Rauner is taking the meeting seriously, despite him publicly expressing doubts about what it will accomplish.

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"He was the one who agreed to a public meeting," Garrett said. "He has agreed to the date and the time and that the meeting be held public. We will go along with anything that really takes place, but so far, there's so much uncertainty."
The agenda is the highest pre-meeting priority, according to Garrett, and she feels it needs to be agreed upon by Rauner and the four leaders "more than 24 hours in advance."
Rauner had responded to the initial request for a meeting saying he'd consult with the leaders to determine the "appropriate media access (fully open, pooled press, streamed online, etc.)," but no announcement has been made.


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