Whether the state should raise the minimum wage will be a big issue in the governor’s race.  Bruce Rauner has shifted his position on an increase after once calling for it to be lowered by $1 to $7.25 to match the national rate.  Rauner now says he’d support either the national or state minimum wage going up, if coupled with what he calls pro-business reforms.
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“Workers’ comp reform, tax reform, tort reform that’ll help small to midsize businesses so they can afford to pay a higher minimum wage,” Rauner said.  Gov. Pat Quinn is focusing on Rauner’s original stance.  “And everybody knows that’s not right.  That really is heartless, and I think everybody in Illinois knows that,” Quinn said.
Quinn has called for the minimum wage to be raised to at least $10 per hour by the end of the year.  A bill that would eventually raise it to $10.65 advanced through a Senate committee Thursday, but no floor vote has been scheduled.
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