The Illinois Republican Party is circulating a video that purports to show a voter trying to vote for a Republican candidate, and having the touch screen ring up a vote for the Democrat.  The video is of unknown origin, though it’s supposedly from Rock Island County, and whether it’s legitimate is impossible to tell.  State Republican Chairman Tim Schneider says he can’t personally vouch for its veracity, but he believes there is a problem.
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“Even if you discount that entire video, we’re getting calls to the state party regularly.  In fact we’ve had dozens of calls into the state party and dozens of accounts of poor calibration or wrongful calibration of machines throughout the state of Illinois, most notably in Rock Island and in Schaumburg,” he said.
The state Board of Elections says sometimes touch screen machines do get out of calibration, and voters who encounter a problem should notify an election judge.  Votes aren’t counted until a voter hits “accept” at the end.  Schneider says the Republican Party is threatening legal action if the reports are true and the problem isn’t fixed.
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