Project Vote Smart has accumulated so much data on politicians that it has devised new tools to allow you to get through it more quickly.  Vote Smart keeps track of candidates’ biographies, key votes, issue positions, interest group ratings and campaign contributions – from Congress down to the General Assembly.  It’s so much to plow through that they’ve now developed I-Spy, to help you zero in on one guy, says Adelaide Kimball, a founding board member of Project Vote Smart.
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“The information has been filtered by our systems now, so that you don’t have to go through 10 or 12 clicks to get at one candidate’s voting record, or one politician’s issue position on the issue you care about. You simply type in their name and you type in the issue, and you are immediately taken to the page that will have all that information aggregated in one place,” she said.  They also have Vote Easy, which will have information on Illinois congressional candidates by mid-October, and allow issue-oriented voters to answer questions and see which candidate agrees with the more.
All of this can be found at www.votesmart,org.
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