The results of a new poll may not be a surprise to many Illinois residents, but it sheds light on a growing negative attitude toward those in the political world.  The Paul Simon Public Policy Institute says more and more people are growing more cynical about government.   According to a recent poll, nearly 77-percent of registered voters in Illinois believe corruption runs rampant in state politics.  

Charles Leonard, with the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, says that's a problem for both parties.  About 60-percent of voters believe corruption in Illinois is far more of a problem than in any other state in the U.S.  The business community is only slightly better, with 62-percent of respondents saying corruption is also widespread in Illinois business.  That number was even higher among minorities and those who make less than 50-thousand dollars a year, at about 73-percent.  Leonard says it's highly unlikely that the numbers would be any different if Republicans were in charge in Springfield.

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