Advocates of the Crime Victims Bill of Rights that voters added to the state Constitution in November are still shepherding the enabling legislation through the General Assembly.  The rights have been on the books since 1992: The right for crime victims to make an impact statement, to confer with prosecutors, and to be notified of court dates and when the offender is released from jail.
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The new amendment – passed with 78 percent voter approval – gives victims a day in court if their rights are somehow overlooked. “This gives victims broad constitutional rights, and now we would be able to actually enforce those rights,” Noelle Dupuis of the Illinois Coalition against Domestic Violence said today (Monday) at a news conference at the Capitol.
State Rep. Lou Lang (D-Skokie) is pushing the enabling legislation, which will detail in statute how the court system is to carry out the rights that are now in the Constitution. The measure passed the House last month by a vote of 112-2.
“So I urge the Senate to pass this as quickly as possible to get it to the governor’s desk, and I urge the governor to sign the bill,” he said.
The details of the legislation were haggled out among judges, prosecutors, defense lawyers and victim advocates.
The bill might go to the Senate this week.
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