Lawmakers return to Springfield this week to resolve a number of outstanding state government issues.  The state’s regional superintendents of education haven’t been paid since July, which has caused a handful to resign since the governor vetoed the offices’ funding this summer.  Lawmakers plan to introduce a measure to pay the superintendents through what’s known as the corporate personal property replacement tax: Local sources, in other words.



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Sangamon County regional superintendent Jeff Vose says there are other options; he’s not sure this is the best one.  “You can do a veto override, it can come out of that funding but there are people already receiving funds out of that,” he says. “I think the concern of people receiving those funds feel that it will take away from the funds they get.”  Lawmakers say they also plan to address the pension reform, power grid modernization and the state’s gambling expansion.  Gov. Pat Quinn, criticized in the past for his perceived lack of input during the legislative session, says he’ll be around. After all, it is his job, he says.  “Definitely we have to deal with these budget issues that have been difficult because of the recession,” says Quinn. “Governors are not here to watch the world go by. My job is to take charge, and I think I have.”


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