The Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs isn't affected by the state budget crisis according to its director, but it could be.

Department Director Erica Jeffries says both sides of the aisle agree that veterans and their families deserve support, so budget issues just aren't there. Jeffries says that includes grants her agency gives not being frozen.

"The Governor has been committed solidly to making sure our veterans have the support and services that they need," says Jeffries.  "I'm very fortunate to be able to say that our agency has continued to be able to provide the same level of service to our veterans across the state that we had in the past." 

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That said, Jeffries says her office could always use more money, but she's glad she has what she does.

"My job is to help to tell the story and share the message around why it's important to make sure our veterans are having full support," says Jeffries.  "It's not a tough story to tell, and it's not a very hard sell.  I think everyone that I've met and talk to agrees that...we have to make sure our veterans get the respect and honor and services that they deserve."

Jeffries says after a career in the military, she has what she would consider her dream job.


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