An Air Force veteran from Jacksonville has an idea for a benefit for Illinoisans such as himself – a more than 50 percent discount on a car registration.  Wallace Jeffers was in the Air Force for 21 years.  He says a break on the license plate fee – from $99 to $45 – would be a nice “thank you” to veterans who have served 20 years or more. He is gathering signatures in support and says he has more than 500 signatures.


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"I think we ought to have time to give the veterans of 20 or more years a break instead of just a pat on the back and something like this would be really meanigful and really helpful for a lot of them," Jeffers says.  Jeffers says he understands the state is in a fiscal crisis but that shouldn't stop lawmakers from giving benefits to veterans.  "I sympathize with what they're doing to cut corners in every area but like I said things still must go on," Jeffers says.  Jeffers hopes his local lawmaker, State Rep. Jim Watson (R-Jacksonville), will introduce the bill.


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