At least eight vehicle burglaries were reported last Saturday in unincorporated Edwardsville, and investigators say in seven cases the cars were left unlocked.  In the other one, the window was damaged to make entry into the car.  Police in Alton have also had to deal with "smash and grab" incidents recently, mostly at health clubs or shopping centers, so a heads-up is being given to all vehicle owners to keep an eye out and don't make yourself a target.

If you are victimized on public property, Illinois Department of Insurance spokesman Mark Terry says you should call your insurance agent and ask who is responsible for covering the loss.

Terry comments

Police remind most of these types of thefts are crimes of opportunity, when the thieves see valuables left out in the open.  Sometimes all they need to see is a wire from some electronic device that suggests other valuable items may be inside, making your car a target.

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