Don’t tell the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor that he has something in common with Bruce Rauner on education.  Rauner, the Republican candidate for governor,  has been a well-known supporter of charter schools. Paul Vallas has been, as well, such as during his tenure as the chief executive of the School District of Philadelphia.
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But Vallas dismisses the notion that he’s always in favor of charters, pointing to his last post as the superintendent in Bridgeport, Conn.  “We didn’t close a single school, lay off a single teacher, balanced the budget, instituted all the reforms,” Vallas said. “You go into an environment and you adjust to that environment. I believe and…I have faith that traditional public schools, when provided with the resources and the models and the technical support, can be effective.”  In contrast, Vallas claims Rauner doesn’t believe in not-for-profit education, and bashes his budget proposals, which Vallas says would inevitably lead to cuts in school funding.
Rauner hasn’t talked at length about possible similarities between his policies and Vallas’ record on education, only saying “we agree on some things in education and we disagree on others.”
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