The Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor says business success can translate into success in government—but not in Bruce Rauner’s case. Paul Vallas says a distinction should be made between what Rauner did as a financier and the typical view of a businessman.

“Are we talking about the type of businessman who creates jobs, who develops a product, who improves a service? Or are we talking about a businessman who is in the business of profit-taking?” Vallas said. “The Rauner business is to make profits, not to develop a product.”


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Vallas claims the examples of mismanagement with companies associated with Rauner’s former investment firm show that he’s not fit to lead the state.

While Vallas was attacking Rauner’s business record, Rauner was visiting a manufacturer in St. Charles. He called on the governor to set up an independent investigation into allegations that groups associated with the Neighborhood Recovery Initiative—an anti-violence program trashed for supposedly being a political slush fund in 2010—are again receiving state funding ahead of an election.

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