Illinois farmers will be cutting back on corn and planting more soybeans this year compared to last. 100,000 acres are making the switch from corn to beans, according to USDA planting projections. John Hawkins of the Illinois Farm Bureau says it’s because farmers are seeing a need to alternate corn and beans in their fields in a rotation of 50-50, rather than favoring corn 60-40, which involves planting corn in consecutive years on some acreage. “Farmers who planted corn after corn started noticing their yields were going down, and so after this occurred in 2011, a lot of famers, especially in Central Illinois, decided they were gonna return more to their 50-50 corn-soybean rotations,” he said.

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Illinois corn acreage:


2012 projected – 12.5 million

2011 planted – 12.6 million


 Illinois soybean acreage


2012 projected – 9 million

2011 planted – 8.9 million




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