Illinois corn and soybean projections are unspectacular.  The USDA issued its November yield projection Wednesday: 156 bushels an acre for corn, down one bushel from last year, and 46 bushels an acre for beans, down 5½ from last year.  Farmer Don Guinnip in Marshall blames the weather.


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“We were very wet early, which delayed planting and caused conditions to be somewhat unfavorable, and then later on in the summer it was very hot and very dry, at least in the central and southern part of the state, and so our bean yields were pretty severely affected,” he said.  Guinnip says farmers expected lower yields, but the projection out today isn’t as bad as they feared.  The USDA projects Illinois will produce 1.9 billion bushels of corn this year, down 12,200 bushels from 2010, and 407 million bushels of soybeans, down about 60,000 from 2010.


(Illinois Radio Network)