DaRon HearnYou may be the key to bringing peace to a grieving family.  Alton Police continue to investigate a handful of murder cases in which the help of witnesses is key to making arrests.  Police have been working in recent years to break a code of silence, or “no snitching” policies in play with the witnesses, and steps in the right direction have been made.

There is no statute of limitations on murder, so if anyone knows anything about any of these cases, they are asked to call Alton Police at 463-3505, ext. 225, or the anonymous tip line at 465-5948.  Alton Police Chief Jason Kristy BlackSimmons tells The Big Z the cases remain open:

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Police are still looking for a break in the following cases:  Julianne Marie Gottlob died in 1986, found strangled in her home on Belle Street; Felicia Rexford, who was stabbed to death on the Target parking lot in 1996; Kristy Black was stabbed multiple times before her body was dumped near the boat launch area at Piasa Harbor in 2001; DaRon Hearn was fatally shot outside of the Oakwood Estates public housing complex in April of 2007, and Simmons says Bonnie Woodwardthere are numerous witnesses who still refuse to talk.  There is also the Bonnie Woodward case, though technically still classified as a missing persons case, she has not been seen since June of 2010. 


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