University workers in Illinois hope 20-thousand dollars worth of yard signs hep drive home the point their jobs are important.  The State Universities Annuitants Association is spending big on the yard signs to send the message to lawmakers not to cut their schools too deeply.

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Linda Brookhart with the university workers says downstate lawmakers need to think hard and fast about a future without a school in their community. “You take ISU out of Bloomington-Normal, what happens to Bloomington-Normal?” Brookhart asked. “You diminish Eastern, what happens to Charleston? Look at Macomb, Western.”

Republican State Senator Jason Barickman represents ISU in Normal. He says he doesn't need a sign to know how important university jobs are. He also doesn't need a reminder about the sky-rocketing cost of higher education. “The other component here to recognize is that our university system as a whole has grown,” Barickman said. “It's full of bureaucracy, it's full of overhead.”

Brookhart says there are ways to streamline Illinois' colleges and universities without killing them.


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