The president of the University of Illinois is floating the idea of asking state lawmakers for a multi-year allocation.  President Timothy L. Killeen says this would avoid the ups and downs of crisis-driven state budgets and provide the university a predictable funding level.
“An in exchange for the state support, and the public support, we would then commit to turbo-charge our efforts to serve the needs of the citizens of Illinois, and that means we would increase access and affordability for our students, for state residents to undergraduate programs, as well as to the professional programs in fields that are critical to the state,” he said.
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He also promised greater efficiency, with the savings going to “high-priority” areas, and to enlist the private sector to pay for research.
The current state budget gives the U. of I. $667 million – down from a high of $804 million 14 years ago. The governor’s budget proposal would have cut that by $209 million. The budget that lawmakers have passed, but have not yet sent to the governor because the revenue isn’t there to support it, would cut $47 million.
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