The Service Employees International Union used the State Capitol Rotunda to hold a class they say Governor Bruce Rauner is trying to cut.

A dozen or so caregivers sat in on a 20 minute class provided for those wanting to work in child care. Gail Hamilton is a home care worker that was on the negotiating team that won the training program.

"Our proposals would have ensured that the citizens we serve continue to be treated with the dignity and respect, and care that we all have a right to," says Hamilton.  "Instead, the Governor presented his proposals that send a message to all that the citizens of Illinois are less important than the corporations who get away with not paying their fair share."

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They want the Illinois House to go along with the state Senate and override Rauner's veto of Senate Bill 1229. It would allow for binding arbitration on certain points of union contracts, but SEIU claims the veto would also mean eliminating training funds among other things for 52,000 home care workers.

"We are still the lowest-paid state workers, and have the fewest benefits, as the rest of the state workers," says Hamilton.  "If we were to agree to Governor Rauner's proposals, we would be taking 52,000 state workers back three decades."

Rauner has called Senate Bill 1229 the worst legislation ever.


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