Union bosses say lawmakers can’t pick and choose which parts of the constitution they want to uphold.  AFSCME Spokesman Anders Lindall says lawmakers are suing Governor Quinn, claiming his move to slash their salaries is unconstitutional, but they’re not thinking twice about cutting retirement benefits for state workers.

Lindall comments

Lawmakers claim Quinn overstepped his separation of powers authority when he cut their salaries from the budget.  Union leaders from AFSCME, The AFL-CIO, The Federation of Teachers, and the SEIU say lawmakers are applying a double standard when it comes to upholding the constitution.  They say too many lawmakers are trying to get around the provision which says pension benefits can’t be diminished.  Union leaders are asking House Speaker Michael Madigan to allow a vote on the Senate pension bill, which gives state workers and retirees the option to choose their own benefits plan.  

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